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The QNG Official Medium: Qnode Blockchain is an evolving network for Incentivized Nodes & a Governance driven INTERCHAIN DeFi Protocol via Smart Contract.
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Qnode.Defi Layer

The Qnode blockchain as a standalone network is a fork of the Dash Protocol with all advance features from v0.14 release. The Qnode network was upgrade to v2.0 on 25th June, 2020 for stability of the algorithmic X11 protocol. In just 6 months of relaunch and upgrade, 49 DIP3 Masternodes are active and running, with a network of miners who supports the chain. There was never an ICO or ITO from the onset. …

Written by Josh ERHIGA

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earn 55% incentivized node rewards

Just, Like bitcoin, QnodeCoin is a cryptocurrency — or a digital currency exchanged through encrypted software.

The Quantum Node Group (QNG) has deployed the project as non-ico, originally on Wavesplatform as a token, with the name: Qnode in 2018 October 22nd. The token was later renamed to QCASH shortly.

Then, on February 13, 2020, QnodeCoin native blockchain was launched with Proof of Stake Algorithm. The network participants were swapped from QCASH to QnodeCoin. And finally, there was an upgrade from v1.0 to v2.0. This led to the change in algorithm to X11 (v0.14 …


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Hello Africans, it’s a privilege to come your way. Whenever I write within the blockchain space, it’s because a lot of my African brothers are in the dark regarding the subject of blockchain and educating ourselves is the way out.

I also try to be very plain in my writings so that you can understand ambiguous terms in lay words. I believe blockchain is technology for the people & Waves is Blockchain for the people.

This article is solely dedicated to WAVES BLOCKCHAIN, what makes it different and how to earn passively on the network.


Generally on a blockchain, A wallet gives access to your funds.

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So, on the Waves Blockchain, you can access WAVES as the native coin, an array of gateway (or wrapped) coins with 1:1 ratio {like bitcoins (wBTC), Ethereum (wETH), Litcoin (wLTC), Dash (wDASH), Monero (wXMR), Zcash, Bitcoin Cash (wBCH) etc. w stands for waves}, also a host of custom tokens and the Neutrino DeFi/DeFo protocol tokens. Only you should have access to your wallet.

Literally, the WAVES BLOCKCHAIN is a PLATFORM NETWORK like the ETHEREUM, with more robust and easy of interactions. …

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QNODECOIN is an open source digital currency that can be used to send or receive payments immutably within splits of seconds. QnodeCoin was built with the goal of vendors’ usage.

The Qnode Blockchain a fork of X11 algorithm (v0.14) from the Dash Protocol. Significant improvements had been made due to the originated fork of the source codes from bitcoin network as performed by the Dash protocol. Its upon this that we built Qnode Protocol.


Just as Dash Protocol is, so it is for the Qnode Protocol. But the parameters changed. When a block is forged in the Qnode Network, it carries 50 QNC. …

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Community Appeal Support for AMM & DEFI Layer

Hi Community,
This publication is a brief on the Qnode Defi layer coming soon in Q1, 2021 and an appeal funding support for native chain. Our team has just listed QnodeCoin (QNC) on the transparency leader exchange (ALTILLY.COM) with 3 markets - LTC, DOGE, XQR. We encourage all community members (old & new) to take advantage of the Sweden based CEX (Centralized Exchange). We are quite happy that the Qnode Community will not just see liquidity but volume in the coming days.


Decentralize finance (Defi) is causing the buzz within the space in recent times and our team have decided not to be passive about it, but also intend to make a serious contribution with our defi protocol coming soon. So, this will be a brief of what Qnode.Defi

Blockchain / By JAVAKID / November 5, 2020

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To many or a few persons within the Qnode community, there is quite a little confusion on how to move QnodeCoin (QNC) from native (Qnode) blockchain to Waves.Exchange Wallet and in reverse order. This lead me to write this step-by-step tutorial (written by JAVAKID and edited by Josh Erhiga)


QnodeCoin is the native currency of the Qnode blockchain and its a stand-alone network. This means that it cannot interact with a different chain except an iteration bridge (interoperability) is developed. …

By Josh ERHIGA/ September 17, 2020

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Hi community,
I write here on the Qnode (electrum) mobile wallet on playstore because your concern is my concern. There has been a recent development of the wallet not syncing. Firstly, the Qnode Mobile (electrum) Wallet have support for 9 (nine) BIP39/44 blockchain coins:

1. Qnodecoin (QNC) — (native coin of Qnode blockchain and its yet to be upgraded to v2.0)2. Bitcoin (BTC)3. Litcoin (LTC)4. Dogecoin (DOGE)5. Dash (DASH)6. Pivx (PIVX)7. Digitbyte (DGB)8. Ravencoin (RVN) and9. Peercoin (PPC).



It was mid June, 2020, the Qnode Blockchain had a chain stuck under version 1.0 (which was a Quark algorithm). To avoid this in the future, We performed a blockchain upgrade to a more stable algo: X11-algorithm for QNC v2.0 and swap was done successfully. BUT, QnodeCoin on the mobile (electrum) wallet was not upgraded to v2.0 rather, users has swapped their supplies and swap is ended. …

Written By JAVAKID and Edited By Josh Erhiga


QNODECOIN is an open sourced digital currency that can be used to send or receive payments immutably within splits of seconds. QnodeCoin was built with the goal of vendors’ usage.

The QNODECOIN was built on top of the blockchain technology that Bitcoin uses, however, some significant improvements had be made due to the originated fork of the source codes performed by the Dash protocol. This was what made Qnode Blockchain a fork of X11 algorithm (v0.14) from the Dash Protocol.


Qnode is being built to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) purposed to be ran by its subset of users, which provides a Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Service (PoSe) functionality. The currency permits privacy of transactions that can be untraceable via the obscurification model for privacy encryption. …

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