Qnode Protocol: XQN Merge Proposal

Qnode Protocol
2 min readApr 24, 2024


The Core-team of the Qnode Protocol, Qnode Group (QNG) is considering a major proposal update and wouldn’t execute it without the voice of community, hence we have written to notify every community member.


QNG team proposes to reverse the algorithmic sidechain (Subnet Qnode — XQN) with an intent of terminating the XQN, to further enhance the development of the native chain (Qnode Blockchain). This shall mean that All XQN supply shall be converted back to QNC at ratio 1:3.2 and QNC to be supported on the Staava EVM Chain (SE-CHAIN).


The proposal means you should vote for the termination of XQN (C-CHAIN) and REVERSAL to QNC) and below are the implications.

#1. A new network will tokenize QNC (i.e Staava EVM Chain — SEC20).

#2. All XQN (C-Chain ERC20) token will be converted to QNC (SEC20) at 1 XQN to 3.2 QNC. Example: If a user holds 1,000 XQN, they will be exchanged for 3,200 QNC.

#3. XQN will be delisted from Xeggex and the team will support QNC (MainNET and SEC20 deposits).

#4. A total of 3,098,455.42 XQN will be returned and converted to 9,915,057.344 QNC (i.e. 3,098,455.42 x 3.2 QNC) on SE-CHAIN.

#5. After the launch of a DEX on SE-CHAIN, Liquidity will be routed with a reserved allocation of 200,000 $STAV (SE-CHAIN native currency).

#6. More Master-nodes will be deployed by Community.

#7. Xeggex will serve dual purpose as exchange and bridge.

#8. QNC will be come a collateral asset for backing SE-CHAIN ecosystem stable-coin.

#9. Miners will be happy to relaunch their rigs to mine QNC as well as Master-noders

#10. 15,000,000 QNC will be issued on SE-CHAIN as final supply. 66.10% will be swapped to XQN holders and 43.9% will be allocated to bridge and liquidity on SE-CHAIN. QNC will be bridged at 1:1 state channel, henceforth.



We are requesting community members (miners, master-noders, XQN-holders) to join the proposal poll and vote in the best interest & position of Qnode Core development.




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