The 9th Digest on Qnode Protocol & Going forward


Some Users have asked us some questions about some wallets holding huge supplies, what is the position of the team? From the explorer, the token holder’s button will reveal the holders of Qnode.Defi (QND). During the redeployment of the Qnode.Defi contract, only 1,600,000 QND was minted, this was also because the sales could not cap or sold out. For this reason the remaining token supplies are locked and cannot be minted until algorithmic bridge is deployed and made public. And only community will mint new supplies of QND on the bridge. But currently, the following wallets on holds swap supplies, airdrop supplies and liquidity contract pool supplies. From the image below the top 4 wallets and wallet 7, 12 are in team control from which we service the community as well and indeed several community members are clearing the dip on pancake, julswap and bitsten:

Airdrop Distribution.

The Airdrop supply balance shall be redirected in active community building and has being vested👉 here for distribution. We could not meet up with the earlier date announced but soon, distribution will be made.

Will there be more QND in circulation Soon?

One of the powerful strategy of Qnode.Defi (QND) is scarcity, governance and limited supply. What do we mean? The team could not reach a soft-cap in the sales. Yet, we are persuaded to continue the development of Qnode.Defi until it reaches its full potential and until we can say its on Binance exchange and some other top exchanges. Therefore, there will always be consensus governance voting for certain community decisions before implementation of a mint from the dev.

So what the algorithmic computation about?

Take a look at the algorithmic computation here:
#1. IDr (Inter-chain Defi Ratio) is the algorithmic backing ratio of Qnode.Defi (QND) to QnodeCoin (QNC). That is, QNC is not being wrapped like in wBTC, wLTC etc. Wrapped coins are always 1:1 and not algorithmic. But the reverse is the case with QnodeCoin and Qnode.Defi.
Algorithmic Formulae:

Let IDr Formulae:
IDr = (0.000013% x QNC Fsupply) — Acn.

where QNC Final-Supply = 24,624,000 QNC (in 65 years)
let 0.000013% = Pam (Percent of algorithmic multiple).
let Acn (Allowable Constant of Negligible Decimal) = 0.000112
1 QND = 3.2 QNC (forever via the bridge)


From the governance computation above in, the ratio of the supplies have been determined in algorithmic ratio of 1 QND to 3.2 QNC. Therefore, the following will likely happen:


The protocol is near completion of the algorithmic governance bridge development. We have achieved over 95% build on the bridge and soon it shall be public. From the whitepaper, we have estimated a 120 days governance period to release the bridge, But the team is glad with her speed of development.
Follow up on Bridge development here


Our team will be the most excited if we get listed on the Binance Exchange. But we believe its a collective work and effort from team and community. We do not want to excuse the low funds that was raised. There are goals to be achieved in the progress of this project. We are asking to community to patiently uphold their trust and also spread words about the protocol. We cannot tell if QND will get listed to Binance exchange, But we shall target some top exchanges and also look at listing to Binance DEX (its one of the lucky parts if QND must get in to the CEX).

Qnode.Defi Liquidity Pool

We have set aside 20,000 QND to reward all LP (Liquidity Providers) when they supply liquidity for at-least 1 month. This means that everyone has the opportunity of earning hugely if they provide liquidity from April 25th — June 30th, 2021. When you provide liquidity, send a mail to us with proof.

Smart Contract Re-Audit

Lastly, the team has applied for a re-audit the Qnode.Defi Protocol smart contract with Whereas its the same audited source code. We yet feel its worth the re-audit by a 3rd party. Our dev are going to feel at ease to achieve this result and hope it comes out clean as before.



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Qnode Protocol

Qnode Protocol

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance