The 9th Digest on Qnode Protocol & Going forward

Hi Community, we trust that every member of the community is well and hearty. The 9th digest is here with updates from the development team. At the time of this publication, Qnode.Defi (QND) is just 10 days from the official launch. Although, the active 👉 holding community (or wallets) of the protocol is small, yet its has recorded some impressive DEX interactions outside of centralized exchange like Bitsten Exchange. Click here for PriceBot

10 Days launch Statistics Report on PancakeSwap
The Qnode.Defi had being routed to pancakeswap, bakeryswap and julswap. But on a later date we removed the backeryswap liquidity and moved it to Pancakeswap.

Since the launch, the value of Qnode.Defi (QND) has also dropped significantly, but not because of the team. This is related to impulsive trading (i.e dump) activities probably from some airdrop & pre-sale participants for quick bucks (this is very normal and understandable). And as a result, the initiated value of QND has dipped from 30 cent ($0.30) to an average price of 5 cent ($0.05). Also, the past few days has seen over 1,500 USD daily volume, along with the pooled BNB liquidity on pancakeswap (only). We say its just beginning. Below is a screenshot of dextools aggregation. 👉Click here to view


Airdrop Distribution.

Will there be more QND in circulation Soon?

There will be more QND in circulation soon, But that can only happen when a user implement a blockchain transaction from the main chain (Qnode Blockchain) to the side-chain (Qnode.Defi). The Qnode Protocol is a dual chain development, comprising of the native blockchain and the token smart contract on Binance smart chain. All this can be possible via the algorithmic bridge.

The algorithmic governance bridge will give everyone and anyone the chance to mint Qnode.Defi (QND).

But How Does That Works?
Qnode.Defi ($QND) is built to be an investment tool and a governance defi protocol that is backed by the Qnode blockchain (i.e the main chain). The Qnode Blockchain is a fork of the X11 algorithmic consensus/strategy from Dash Core (v0.14 branch) with better difficulty and adjusted parameters. Qnode.Defi is probably the first of it’s kind, a protocol that uses algorithmic computation to link traditional blockchain like Bitcoin cores/forks and platform blockchain like Ethereum — ERC20 or BSC — BEP20 (in this case, BEP20).

Our approach is uniquely different. Many Defi projects are doing the same thing and a few community members just wants the status quo. But that can’t be, because the protocol is uniquely different. Therefore the two assets are Interoperable via a governance, algorithmic bridge and still retains their unique features from both ends.

A user has asked this question before: He asked:
“If after Pre-sale of $QND token is not completely sold out, what will the team do to the remaining tokens. Will there be a Burn or sent to the next round of Sales”? By Xuti Bn

From the governance computation, the supply of Qnode.Defi ($QND) is ALGORITHMIC and NOT DEFLATIONARY. Therefore, QND cannot be burnt.

So what the algorithmic computation about?

Therefore, there shall be no burn of QND — the contract is not deflationary. The backing blockchain will have to catch-up in some years with QND supply. And if a burn happens to QND, there will be a short supply in circulation to march the algorithmic computation, since 1 QND equals 3.2 QNC. This is why the Protocol Contract cannot execute a burn tx.

Algorithmic-ly, the Total Defi Supply (TDs) of QND is calculated using the following derived formulae:
#2. Total Defi Supply (TDs) — is the maximum or final supply that is mint-able in the smart contract.
Let formulae;

TDs = QNC Supply/IDr
Where QNC Supply = 24,624,000 QNC (in 65 years)
Where IDr (Inter-chain Defi Ratio) in QNC = 3.2 QNC (calculated above in #1.)
TDs = 7,695,000 QND


let make an assumption here, since the launch of Qnode.Defi (QND) has happened, we expect that sooner or later the exchanges will adjust as users places value on their assests. Assuming the value of QND is 1 USD. The market will adjust on exchanges where QNC is listed. This is because, 1 QND = 3.2 QNC (forever). Mathematically if 1 QND is $1, then community can be sure to value their QNC to be $0.3125 (i.e. $1/3.2). The QND tokenization utilizes the Qnode blockchain and vice-versa. Hence, QNC value is linked to QND via the algorithmic governance bridge and QND utility is incentivized for On-chain options (via masternodes rewards).
Read More on Governance 👉 here



Soon we shall create a pool fund for bigger exchange listing, and we hope community will cooperate with us. Some community members had been paranoid with market down-slide, We will just say to you be patient and hold.

Qnode.Defi Liquidity Pool

Smart Contract Re-Audit

In the words of our leadDev, We shall not disappoint this protocol and it faithfuls, We shall deal transparently and every fund committed to the project will be dutifully spent. Let make Qnode Protocol great together.

From the Team:

We appreciate all who have trusted us since the official launch of Qnode Blockchain in Feb 13, 2020 and had committed funds to the Qnode Protocol Side-chain. We have been here long enough and the delivery of the protocol goals is top priority. We shall meet every fit. And other products are being developed already along with some partnerships.

Stay Tuned

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance