The 8th Digest: Qnode.Defi Redeployment and Official Launch

Just before the official launch, there was a change in contract and it was redeployed. At the time of this publication, 114 Wallets has been swapped successfully to the new contract. Check it on bscscan here. If you have not swap your old-QND. Please, refer to swap from this: 👉 link

Official launch (25th April, 2021)

🔰 Sales Summary Report.

🔰 Airdrop Report.

🔰 Qnode.Defi Liquidity Provision

🔰 Qnode.Defi Liquidity Pool

🔰 Exchange, Marketing and Partnerships

We shall update on the QND supply on a later day and our Website will be in maintenance for a few more days.

🔰 Smart Contract Re-Audit



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Qnode Protocol

Qnode Protocol

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance