The 8th Digest: Qnode.Defi Redeployment and Official Launch

Hi community, the 8th Digest is here and its the shortest of it after an unforeseen interruption to the official launch. The interruption led to a redeployment of the contract. Below is the announcement you want to hear and it will recap some of the 7th digest reports.

Just before the official launch, there was a change in contract and it was redeployed. At the time of this publication, 114 Wallets has been swapped successfully to the new contract. Check it on bscscan here. If you have not swap your old-QND. Please, refer to swap from this: 👉 link

🔰 Sales Summary Report.

From the Sales conducted, Qnode Protocol raised 24,908.9133 USDT. Over 280 wallet-addresses and 593 transfers interactions filtered into sales and airdrop validation. 👉 Read the full details here

🔰 Airdrop Report.

The Airdrop supply balance shall be redirected in active community building and has being vested👉 here for distribution. For users who have not gotten airdrop, they shall be paid before April 30th. We shall deal honestly and funds committed to project shall be transparently spent. We apologies to those users who might feel indited due to the unforeseen circumstances that has prevailed and also should distinguish shit-tokens from genuine projects.

🔰 Qnode.Defi Liquidity Provision

The Protocol shall release 40% funds raised (~approx. $10,000) to the following DEXes starting from 25th April: Pancakeswap and Julswap. Starting with the QND/BUSD and QND/BNB pair. And extra 10% shall filter into Bitsten and Julswap DEX, to initiate the trade of Qnode.Defi.

Thereafter, what community makes of the value of Qnode.Defi (QND) shall plainly be accounted to market forces. 50% funds raised shall be used for the continuation of project development.

🔰 Qnode.Defi Liquidity Pool

From April 25th, We call on community members to join the pool by providing liquidity to QND/BUSD and QND/BNB. We have set aside 20,000 QND to reward all LP (Liquidity Providers) when they supply liquidity for at-least 1 months. This means that everyone has the opportunity of earning hugely if they provided liquidity from April 25th — May 31st, 2021.

🔰 Exchange, Marketing and Partnerships

Bitsten Exchange will resume the new contract and all old deposits will be swapped. Pancakeswap and Julswap will experience trade and liquidity first. We hope this is community choice. We are making some marketing and partnership plans already for a larger community reach and staking features coming soon.

We shall update on the QND supply on a later day and our Website will be in maintenance for a few more days.

🔰 Smart Contract Re-Audit

In this Week, the team shall re-audit the Qnode.Defi Protocol smart contract with Whereas its the same audited source code. We yet feel its worth the re-audit by a 3rd party. Our dev are going to feel at ease to achieve this result and hope it comes out clean as before.

From the Team:

We appreciate all who have trusted us since the official launch of Qnode Blockchain in Feb 13, 2020 and had committed funds to the Qnode Protocol Side-chain. We have been here long enough and the delivery of the protocol goals is top priority. We shall meet every fit. And other products are being developed already along with some partnerships.

Stay Tuned

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance