The 7th Digest: Qnode Protocol Report, Official Launch and What’s Next!

Qnode Protocol
4 min readApr 22, 2021


Hi Qnodians, here is the long awaited 7th digest . Below is a detailed report of the Qnode.Defi sales reports, official launch announcements and what’s ahead.

🔰 Qnode.Defi Private & Public Sales Report.

#1. The protocol conducted a pre-sale of Qnode.Defi (QND) on web at $0.10/QND plus 30% bonus per orders. A total of 195,437 QND sales prevailed, that accumulated ~19,544 USD. Also a total of 83,758.578 QND was also paid to pre-sale participants as sales bonus.

During the validation, our Lead Dev had notified that an array of participants pooled in ~1729.7233 USD as early buyers at Presale rate .This accounted purchases was worth of 1,019.5 USD and validations worth 710.2233 USD. A total of 24,003.73 QND and 3,058.5 QND (bonus) was thus distributed.

#2. The protocol proceeded with 2 rounds of Public sales of Qnode.Defi (QND) on web at $0.20/QND plus 20% bonus in round 1. And a second round at $0.30/QND plus 10% bonus. A total of 16,111.008 QND sales prevailed, which accumulated ~3,222.20 USD. Also another sale totaling 1,376.62 QND prevailed in round 2, accumulating ~412.99 USD. The protocol paid a total of 4,180.71 QND as bonus during the public sales.

In summary, Qnode Protocol raised 24,908.9133 USDT. Over 280 wallet-addresses and 593 transfers interactions filtered into sales and airdrop validation.

Statistically, the team is not pleased with thousands of spam submission during the campaign. Thus, We shall pay airdrop to all addresses that have interacted with the contract only at this time. This is to minimize dumpers and also to track project commitment for steady growth.

Also, the Airdrop supply balance shall be redirected in active community building and has being vaulted 👉 here for distribution.

For users who have not gotten airdrop, they shall be paid before April 30th. We shall deal honestly and funds committed to project shall be transparently spent. We apologies to those users who might feel indited due to the unforeseen circumstances that has prevailed and also should distinguish shit-tokens from genuine projects.

🔰 Qnode.Defi Liquidity Provision Report

The Protocol shall release 40% funds raised (~approx. $10,000) to the following DEXes starting from 25th April: Bakeryswap & Pancakeswap. And extra 10% shall filter into Bitsten and Julswap DEX, to initiate the trade of Qnode.Defi.

Thereafter, what community makes of the value of Qnode.Defi (QND) shall plainly be accounted to market forces. 50% funds raised shall be used for the continuation of project development. We indeed regret our loss to BankCex for their fraudulent and non transparent conduct as this was an unforeseen loss of $3000 team seed investment fund into the project.

Also, starting from April 25th, 20,000 QND will be pooled aside for all liquidity providers for at-least 1 month. This means that everyone has the opportunity of earning hugely if they provided liquidity from April 25th — May 31st, 2021.

🔰 Qnode.Defi Listing Pool (Coming Soon)

The Qnode.Defi team is already in discussion to list Qnode.Defi to Hotbit Exchange. This shall cost $32k. The team intends to allocate Qnode.Defi (QND) for a listing pool donation. When this is achieved, 16k USD goes as listing fee and 16K USD shall be dedicated to market making on the said exchange. We will like to get feedback from community on this proceeding, if you would send us a mail: For clearer understanding. We shall make an announcement to community on the first week of May, 2021.

🔰 Qnode.Defi Supply, Vault and Algorithmic Bridge

At the point of this publications, Only a total of 323,440.3061 QND is in community circulation. 6,076,623.028 QND has been vaulted to 3 top wallets (in Lock) for algorithmic bridge governance iteration.

But, Unfortunately an impermanent Private Key/Mnemonic Phrase loss has occurred at the early hours of 22nd April. Our Lead Dev device has suffered some crash and failure leading to un-backed key loss of 1 out of 3 wallets holding Development supplies.
👉 About 2.63 million QND is permanently loss to that wallet.

SOLUTION: The Qnode Protocol team shall on this occasion redeploy the contract, perform the audit, take snapshot of all QND in circulation and redistribute. We hope to effect this in 48hours. Please, DO NOT TRANSFER FUNDS TO BITSTEN and DO NOT TRADE QND on the current contract.

We are sorry for this in-conveniences and hope to fix as soon as possible. All other announcement in this blog remains valid. We did not loose any funds, except a private keys or mnemonic phrase that wasn’t backed before device failure and only QND supply is held there.

🔰Child-chain (Coming Soon).

The Protocol shall seed fund a Child-chain with a stronger utility. Details TBA (To Be Announce). This shall benefit all sales participants and early adopters of Qnode.Defi handsomely.

From the Team:

We appreciate all who have trusted us since the official launch of Qnode Blockchain in Feb 13, 2020 and had committed funds to the Qnode Protocol Side-chain. We have been here long enough and the delivery of the protocol goals is top priority. We shall meet every fit. And other products are being developed already along with some partnerships.

Stay Tuned



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