Qnode Protocol Digest 006: Public Sales Relaunch, Listing Report, Marketing and Airdrop


This slowed the team down a few hours. But we resolved to run the sales by team as it was also difficult getting responds from other IDO platform. It’s with Joy that Qnode Protocol shall make public sales live on its website. This shall run on two round of sales.

👉 defi.qngnode.cc/public-sales.

A total supply of 3,475,000 QND is pooled: 1,600,000 QND in round 1 and 1,875,000 QND in round 2.

Round 1 (7days with 20% Bonus):

Starting 7:00 UTC (April 8th)

Round 2 (5days with 10% Bonus):

Starting 7:00 UTC (April 16th)


Qnode Protocol team shall list to the following exchanges.


We are open to accept crypto influencers who would work with the Qnode Protocol for maximum marketing. Do you have a YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit or tiktok social group for marketing? Send us a mail: helpdesk@qngnode.cc.


⛏️ Starting from 25th April 2021, Team shall initiate and supply liquidity on routed DEXes after some CEX (es) are listed (this initial liquidity shall be proportional to soft-cap & hard-cap).


Lastly, we have seen a few Community members express FUD (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt), while others has expressed FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). There is no need for this. The Protocol has great potential to surpass $1, $5, 10, $50 $100. QND supply is a limited 7,695,000 QND and will mint along with an algorithmic bridge with the Qnode Blockchain. Difficulty of the Blockchain impacts on the DEFI layer. Hence, the team is extra dedicated to deliver it’s goal. Refer your friends to Public Sale and enjoy the first Algorithmic Interchain governance protocol. Again Qnode Blockchain is as of today 1yr + 5weeks old. We wouldn’t have gone this far to defraud anyone or abandon project.

From the Team:



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Qnode Protocol

Qnode Protocol

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance