Qnode Protocol Digest 003: AMA AND REWARD POOL.

Vote for Qnode.Defi (QND) & Share Pool Reward After Listing.

Qnode Protocol
3 min readMar 16, 2021

The following community activities will begin this week.

  • AMA on Telegram Audio Conferencing will happen on 17th March 19:00 UTC (Take note of the adjustments). 10,000 QnodeCoin (QNC) asigned to best questions.
  • Private Sale will officially begin on 18th, March 2021. Check details on web. We shall send mail to all whitelisted individual (about 2880 interest). This will remain private for a few days.


Qnode.Defi is listing to the cmc based Bitsten Exchange.

🔰 Bitsten Listing is via community voting (the Dev do not accept direct payment listing) and 25,000 BST is required for this Listing. We shall list Bitsten after the Private Sale.

🔰 Join in the vote and earn QND. 10 votes = 1 BST. We encourage community to vote and share the pool reward of 4000 QND. This will be distributed after the vote is completed.

🔰 You don't need to send Us proof of voting. After the voting period, You will be required to generate a QND address on the exchange. And your tokens will be distributed.

👉 Take your chance and earn more QND now.

🔰 The value of QND is determined by what community make it henceforth. Qnode Protocol, leadDev (@qnode01) had earlier pegged 1 QND = 0.1 BNB on Pancakeswap and Julswap. But we are yet to provide the liquidity. But We have observed that those with early distribution has sold on Pancakeswap and Julswap and removed the initial liquidity and brought the market entry value from 23$ to 3$ and later to $0.7 (currently on Julswap). Anyway, our team shall try our very best to feed in liquidity after bitsten listing and Sales and hope for the moon.


Many community members do not see the handwork behind the scene. So, we do not trade blames to anyone for calling us names. It usually like that. Gems projects are usually difficult to spot. But our stand remains that, we shall not distribute airdrop to malicious actors. We shall make distribution without validation fee because we have been making adequate filtration and that will begin on March 31st.

🔰 This also implies that during the distribution 48 QND airdrop will be paid. Airdrop will be distributed in batches. Form is already closed.

🔰 Also, from all leftover Airdrop, we shall distribute some to early validators, we shall assign some to community tasks and so on until we empty the left over supply. We shall take a good look at our medium blog and see the activities of followers to our medium blog to also reward them.


We invite early LP farmers to provide liquidity for handsome reward. We shall Pool in about 20,000 QND for Farmers if they Provide liquidity for atleast 1month. swapping means disqualification. This should only start after Private sale. We shall give more details on this.

Thanks for Understanding



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