Qnode Protocol Digest 002: Whitelisting And Airdrop Update

Hi community, this is just a quick update. We have started collation and sorting of submitted whitelisting forms. Also, we shall close the ongoing campaign at 13,000 submissions. Also, we want to assure every one that our development team is committed to deliver on the timed long vision of the Qnode Protocol — LeadDev


Let start with the statistics, at the time of publishing this digest , a total number of 11,391 forms have been submitted: about 8414 (airdrop interested) and about 2880 (private sale interest) and 107 (indifferent about sales) and more forms are still being submitted. Out of the budgeted 625,000 QND, Only 624,000 QND will be distributed to all verified forms. This means that instead of 62.5 QND, each whitelisted form shall now earn 48 QND (4.8 BNB worth). This is because the opening price initiated on the pool at Pancakeswap and Julswap is 0.1 BNB/QND as seen below:

Screenshot from Pancakeswap DEX
screenshot from Julswap Dex

This price structure of QND is set and approved on the routed DEXes. This makes the value of your much valued airdrop up to an approx 4.8 BNB (~$1,350 worth). If you miss, Qnode.Defi is your fault.

🔰To check the value, simply click Here, connect your wallet and click on the pool and check the exchange rate on Pancakeswap


We shall commence distribution on 11th March 2021 based on the following structures. Honestly, We are overwhelmed at the speed of the campaign and at the same time we have seen lots of bot and multiple twitter submission and with multiple addresses faulting the campaign. Who do we disqualify and who do will approve? We have decided not to disqualify anyone. But to prevent malicious factors or actors defrauding the distribution, the Airdrop and Private Sales will go together. Therefore, the following shall apply:

  • We shall open validation sale to everyone with a fixed buy of 100 QND @ same rate ($0.10) (no bonus accrued). Every $10 purchase is considered as airdrop validation for the distribution of 48 QND airdrop. Example, If Kendrick buys 100 QND for Airdrop validation; He shall be distributed a total of 148 QND (i.e 100+48), sent to his address within 10 mins — 3hours. His 148 QND is valued at an aprox ~14.8 BNB on Pancakeswap or Julswap. And we advice that he provides liquidity with it at the rate set on the exchange. This will make him earn LPs tokens on the DEXes. Note this value is subject to when the team shall provide liquidity and because its a permission-less dex and protocol, anyone can dump the price.
  • Secondly, Every purchase that is from $30 and above will be considered as Private Sale. It will attract 30% bonus as usual, plus the airdrop distribution of 48 QND.
    Example, If Kendrick buys 300 QND at $0.1 (it’s regarded as private sale order). He shall be distributed a total of 438 QND (i.e 300 + 90 + 48), sent to his address within 10 mins — 3hours. His 438 QND is valued as ~43.8 BNB on Pancakeswap or Julswap. And we advice that he provides liquidity with it at the rate set on the exchange. This will make him earn LPs tokens on the DEXes. If you are not whitelisted, the airdrop will not apply to you.

Also, All referrals accrued will also be distributed to validated forms according to the governance period (after 120 days).


🔰 These changes will apply from 11th March and distribution will be on first come first serve. When private sale supply (1,875,000 QND) is sold out, the Airdrop validation claim will be over. And the balance of unclaimed airdrop supply will be distributed to all those who participated in the validation and private sales.

We prefer to reward those who proved just to the campaign rather than send the airdrop to malicious participants. Some individual may judge us wrong but its for the good of a healthy project. We never intended to use this measures, the situation presented it.

#1. AMA is coming up at 8pm, on 17th March, 2021 and it going to be interesting. Save the Date 📅

#2. Airdrop Validation will Start 11th March, 2021 & Private Sale will Start 18th March, 2021 @ $0.10 + 30% Bonus for Private sale participants. This shall be on FCFS (First Come First Serve). Only BUSD and BNB payment method is accepted.

#3. Public sales will Follow @ $0.30/QND. Only BUSD and BNB payment method is accepted.

🔰 Also, Liquidity Providers (farmers) can earn Pancakeswap LP cakes when they farm.

🔰 Upon success of Private Sales, We shall list to Bitsten and We start Liquidity Pools on Pancakeswap and Julswap.

Lastly, Qnode.Defi token is a governance token on binance smart chain and its currently backed by the X11 algorithmic blockchain (QnodeCoin).




Thanks for Your Understanding.

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance

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