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3 min readMar 16, 2021


— Written By Bryte Morio and edited by Josh Erhiga

Qnode.Defi Smart Contract was audited by TECHRATE.ORG Smart Contract Audit Company (Russian Based).

Blockchain technology is promising to revolutionize entire industries, but hacks and exploits of popular blockchain applications threatens to undermine it before it even takes off. We were recently brought to alarm of the exploit of the Cover Protocol, where millions of dollars were exploited, although the intervention of Binance saved the day but the impact was done anyway. it has left the rest of the communities curious and suspicious of the next potential project, hence due diligence applies for contracts to be fully audited.

Yet, someone may ask, Isn’t blockchain supposed to be secure? The answer is a bold Yes, But It’s not that simple.

Blockchain is Secure, Blockchain Applications Are Not

An enormous amount of hash power exceeding the combined power of the world’s top supercomputers secures the Bitcoin blockchain. Similarly, incredible computing power secures Ethereum. However, while the blockchains themselves are secure, the applications running on the blockchain may not be.

These applications interact with the blockchain through smart contracts, but just like any other software, bugs in the code can lead to security vulnerabilities. Unlike most other types of software, blockchain applications often directly control financial assets.

The Qnode Protocol team believes in this due diligence and as a result the team had applied several industry standard to make sure that our contract passed minimum expectations after it was release to mainnet. We have been confident in our developments since february 2020 at the launch of the Qnode Blockchain. We forked the Dash chain with not vulnerabilities and since then, the blockchain has not and will never experience 51% attack, chain stuck etc. This is because industry practice has mean much to us at QNG — Quantum Node Group.

Since we delved into smart contracts integrations with the Qnode blockchain. We have also followed the safe parts in our research and practice. We are proficient with solidity and currently learning the part of the Waves Ride language.

Our dev team contacted a Russian based Audit company over a week now to perform the audit of Qnode.Defi Smart contract for securities vulnerabilities. And the reports are here to speak for themselves:

screenshot from githum.com/techRate

Click on the following link to read through the Full report by:
👉 TechRate on their github

Also, visit 👉 TechRate to see if Qnode.Defi is listed on their audited contract section. We shall keep up with due diligence for the sake of our community and potential investors.

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