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2 min readApr 18, 2022


Starting 02.07.2020, 23:47:12 UTC, the Qnode Blockchain had initially implemented QNC token wrap on the Waves Blockchain. Community members has also interacted back and forth the waves and Qnode blockchain via a custom gateway.

For the pending changes coming in 2022, our team has implemented token wrap changes to the QnodeCoin (token) on waves blockchain. We have therefore burnt all old reserved supply (here) except circulating supply (check here).

All token holders are required to swap there default QnodeCoin (token) on the waves blockchain to the newly re-issuable Asset (wQNC).

Asset Name: wQNC
Asset ID:
wQNC: The Official Wrapped QnodeCoin on Waves Blockchain, with a 1:1 gateway swap.
Swap Ratio: 1 QnodeCoin = 1 wQNC (bit.ly/swap_wqnc).
Total Token for Swap: 538,600.48 QnodeCoin (Old Tokens)
Fill Form to swap your old QnodeCoin to wQNC and trade on Wave.Exchange

Also, We are pleased to also notify that, our team is getting set to release a multi-dimensional Bridge as a Service (Baas), where interested projects on Waves can interact between waves network and other network within the ecosystem by Q3, 2022.

🔹QNC is listed on xeggex.com with USDT & DOGE market
🔹wQNC (Wrapped QNC)is listed on Waves.Exchange with WAVES & USDN market
🔹QNC is listed on coincaprica (tracked)
🔹QNC is listed on coinmarketcap (not yet tracked)

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