QNC Explorer Revived

Qnode Protocol
1 min readDec 9, 2023

We are Glad to announce that our team has revived the QNC Iquidus Explorer. This explorer was built by our team in June 2020. But we took it down due to technical issues over a year ago, hence we are glad to have revived it. Below are some features you can find on the Tool:

#1. Block Explorer:

Block explorers are one of the most important tools within the crypto-space. They provide an online interface for searching a blockchain, and enable you to retrieve data about transactions, addresses, blocks, fees, and more. Each block explorer provides data about a particular blockchain (in this case the QNC Blockchain), and the type of information included will vary depending on the architecture of the blockchain it serves.

#2. Markets Orderbooks:

We have also linked our top exchange for the QNC & SQN on the explorer, where it show trade activities from Xeggex.com exchange.

Other feature are the Coin Movement, Network Peers, Top 100, API



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