How To Recover Your Private Key For Any Coin On The Qnode Mobile (Electrum) Wallet On Playstore

By Josh ERHIGA/ September 17, 2020

Hi community,
I write here on the Qnode (electrum) mobile wallet on playstore because your concern is my concern. There has been a recent development of the wallet not syncing. Firstly, the Qnode Mobile (electrum) Wallet have support for 9 (nine) BIP39/44 blockchain coins:

1. Qnodecoin (QNC) — (native coin of Qnode blockchain and its yet to be upgraded to v2.0)2. Bitcoin (BTC)3. Litcoin (LTC)4. Dogecoin (DOGE)5. Dash (DASH)6. Pivx (PIVX)7. Digitbyte (DGB)8. Ravencoin (RVN) and9. Peercoin (PPC).


It was mid June, 2020, the Qnode Blockchain had a chain stuck under version 1.0 (which was a Quark algorithm). To avoid this in the future, We performed a blockchain upgrade to a more stable algo: X11-algorithm for QNC v2.0 and swap was done successfully. BUT, QnodeCoin on the mobile (electrum) wallet was not upgraded to v2.0 rather, users has swapped their supplies and swap is ended. This upgrade is scheduled for Q1, 2021


The chain stuck in Qnode blockchain DID NOT affect other coins (BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, PIVX, DGB, RVN & PPC), because all are standalone blockchains. And Users has been using the wallets ever since.

The Qnode Mobile (electrum) wallet on playstore is version 1.1 and will be upgraded to version 1.2.0 to continue its services for all 9 coins and during the upgrade, Qnodecoin will be upgraded to v2.0 on electrum wallet.

Although other supported coins in the wallet has been working seamlessly. Just recently, our attention has been drawn to the syncing issue with no connection. This was because, the developer we hired to build the electrum mobile wallet has probably shutdown the server and he is not responding to mail (We do apologies for this). By the upgrade to version 1.2.0, the served will be transferred and ran by our team personally.

Yet, With confidence, We want to notify you that your funds are safe. The nature of blockchain does not allow anyone (even Us) to access your funds without your Private Keys or Seed phrase. And we do not have your seed phrase or PK


We have figured out a secured way to access your Private keys of the particular coin addresses that you are holding balances with on the electrum wallet.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS:1. You need the seed phrase (i.e the mnemonic phrase) of your wallet2. You need to know the addresses you are holding the coins. You can check the wallet and copy them down. From the received tab, click on previous addresses and note the addresses

NOTE: Each address that is generated on the electrum wallet has a private key that only you can access, provided you have your seed or mnemonic phrase (Please, do not send Us your seed or mnemonic phrase)

If the 2 mentioned requirement are in your disposal, then do the following. Just follow my instructions and you can access your private key. I have attachecd a standalone tool to this article, Please download it to your Pc and follow the steps below:


1) Download BIP39 STANDALONE TOOL to PC and run (open) the standalone tool.

2) At “Generate” choose “18”

3) At “BIP39 Mnemonic Box” Enter your seed (18 words or more)

4) At “coin” choose “DOGE or PIVX or the coin in question” Note: There is no Qnodecoin in the list

5) At “Derivation Path” choose “BIP44 tab”

6) Scroll down to the list of Derived Addresses.
The address you would see are the addresses that your wallet has generated or will ever generate. Each address has an accompanying public and private keys.

7) Locate the address you have used in the mobile wallet. Note: the addresses you have used will show first..

8) You can copy the private keys directly by text, or by hovering with the cursor on the key to pop up the qr-code.

9) Finally, with the private key(s), you can import the balances of your coins to another wallet that support the coins like coinomi or you use the coinomi wallet to capture the private key qr-code.

We hope this will solve your problem. Please, write us on:
If you have recovered your coins. We do apologies for the stress. Hopefully, we shall upgrade the Qnode Mobile Wallet in January, 2021 and the services will be fully back.

Josh E.

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance

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