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2 min readAug 23, 2021

Once upon a time there lived an old man named Sasha Ivanovich, with his old wife Dasha Ivanovich in an African island by the waves coast of the sea. They were in great poverty and want, and had a son named Inah Ivanovich, who was fifteen years of age.

One day old Sasha had brought home a crust of bread 🍞 with fried fish 🐠 from the newly Waves foodfactory for his wife and son to eat; but hardly had they begun to cut the bread 🍞 & fish 🐠 when AMADI (a Magical duck hunter and fortune teller) sprang up from behind the stove, snatched the crust out of his hands and ran back.

At this, the old man bowed low to AMADI, and begged him to give him back the bread as he and his wife had nothing to eat. Old Amadi answered: “I will not give you back the bread; but I will give you instead a DUCK 🦆, which lays golden eggs every day.”

Well and good,” said Ivanovich; “at all events I shall go to bed without a supper to-night; only do not deceive me, and tell me where I shall find the duck and what it the rarity that it will lay golden Eggs 🥚 on my perch?.”

“Early in the morning, as soon as you are up,” replied Amadi “go into the town and there you will see a duck in a pond; catch it and bring it home with you.” When Sasha heard this, he laid himself down to sleep. In barely 5months, the Duck 🦆 has laid over 400 golden Eggs. This was the end of the Ivanovich’s poverty, because their golden eggs now cost over $1000 in the native duck 🦆 market place.

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