AMA — Ask Me Anything on Qnode Protocol — Coming on 17th March, 2021.

On the 17th of MARCH, 2021 at 7pm WAT, We shall have AMA — Ask Me Anything on the Qnode Protocol on Telegram Audio Conferencing. We shall be hosting the Lead Dev on timed discussions regarding the Protocol @

We invite all participating community members and intending members to come and learn about the Qnode blockchain and its Defi Layer. A few days ago We had requested from the community to send us questions regarding what they would want to ask or know about the Protocol and a total of 36 questions were submitted in 24 hours.

We are currently sorting the questions and picking the best 20 to answer. Off the 20 selected questions, 10 will be further selected to share 10,000 $QNC. We want to notify the community that the Qnode Protocol is not in any rush to launch or deliver its project goals like others. We meticulously build our concepts to last and not a figment of imaginations. We have seen the craziness within the DeFi space and we want to be different.

We have developed the Qnode Blockchain (network) since February, 2020 and have done only one upgrade in June, 2020 till date. We had challenges but We kept overcoming them. So, the governance defi layer, which we are deploying to Binance Smart Chain is a well thought out release and our development is trusted to deliver for a larger community interest and participation.

Lastly, the Whitelisting is still running for the first 10,000 forms. We have also given enough rooms for individuals to have unlimited referrals which we shall track from our compaign bot

Thanks for participating and Let’s ride on the wings of blockchain.

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