A brief on what’s ahead of Qnode Blockchain Defi Layer & Community Appeal.

Community Appeal Support for AMM & DEFI Layer

Hi Community,
This publication is a brief on the Qnode Defi layer coming soon in Q1, 2021 and an appeal funding support for native chain. Our team has just listed QnodeCoin (QNC) on the transparency leader exchange (ALTILLY.COM) with 3 markets - LTC, DOGE, XQR. We encourage all community members (old & new) to take advantage of the Sweden based CEX (Centralized Exchange). We are quite happy that the Qnode Community will not just see liquidity but volume in the coming days.

Decentralize finance (Defi) is causing the buzz within the space in recent times and our team have decided not to be passive about it, but also intend to make a serious contribution with our defi protocol coming soon. So, this will be a brief of what Qnode.Defi will be like.

The Qnode.Defi is a governance driven defi token with its underlying x11 algorithmic protocol via a smart contract on ethereum. Its a defi layer for the Qnode Blockchain for algorithmic governance. So, its a governance token. We have developed the st structure of the defi to be minted within the lifespan of the Qnode blockchain — 65 years (i.e. the smart contract will completely mints in 65 year, following the predetermine governance).

Asset: Qnode.Defi
Ticker: QND (ERC20)
Consensus: PoW.Sc (Proof of Work Smart Contract)
Final Supply: 30,780 QND
Ratio: 0.00125 QND/QNC (bridge ratio)
QND/QNC: 1:800

From the specifications above, The Qnode.Defi (QND) Protocol shall be live in a 120 Days countdown from October 1, 2020 at a determined block height on the Ethereum Blockchain and the following shall apply:

  • The Inter-chain Defi shall only mint a total supply of 30,780 protocol tokens in 65 years in correspondence with Qnode (x11) Blockchain forging timeline & according to its smart contract.
  • 10.5% (3,231.9 QND) of the mint-able supply is allocated for crowd funding at $7/QND, with a minimum buy of 20 QND for all categories of liquidity providers or crowd funding.
  • Also, a 3.0% (923.4 QND) of supply is allocated for airdrop to all participant’s purchase addresses and to be claimed after crowd funding.
  • To start inter-chain swap bridge with Qnode Blockchain, Qnode.Defi (QND) will be available via the x11 algorithmic inter-chain bridge at 1 QND = 800 QNC (forever) for liquidity mining pools after an initial 120 days governance period from public launch.

At height 210241, The first block halving shall happen and block reward shall split by a divisor of two. Also, this halving will self implement on Defi layer and its equivalence shall reduce as follows on the bridge:

  • INTER-CHAIN: 5,000 QNC <=> 6.25 QND (minimum per swap)
  • 1ST HALVING: 2,500 QNC <=> 3.125 QND (minimum per swap) from height 210241 blocks
  • 2ND HALVING: 1,250 QNC <=> 1.5625 QND (minimum per swap) from height 420481 blocks
  • 3RD HALVING: 625 QNC <=> 0.78125 QND (minimum per swap) from height 630721 blocks
  • 4TH HALVING: 312.5 QNC <=> 0.390625 QND (minimum per swap) from height 840,961 blocks

The average time span to the first block-halving is estimated to be in 2 years and few months from now. To understand the tokenomics of the defi protocol, please visit https://defi.qngnode.cc


This is an appeal to our dearest community members. The QNG project is a non-Ico and we have never done private or public sales. We intend to appeal for community support, to raise 250 WAVES for the purpose of internal developments and AMM (Automated Market Making) on our listed exchanges. If you want to participate, the following will apply:

After launch of Qnode.Defi, 250 QND (valued at $7 each) will be distributed to all participants. And we shall also send 500 QNC now to all participant address.

Participants are required to send 1 or more WAVES to the Fund address below or alias on Waves Wallet:
Address: 3PJPqE4qCNYvDYqcndm7ZWCyaqukLrCnrri

Alias: qngfunds

If you have participated, send your proof of participation to t.me/qnode01 and fill your ERC20 address with other details in the participation form. You can also earn extra 50 QNC when you refer someone to participate.

👉 Our team shall ensure volume on Waves Exchange & Altilly Exchange

With much regards to all who have supported the Qnode BC, We hope not to fail in our task as the team behind this DAO. Soon our gateways will be fully back and operational.


Josh Erhiga (LeadDev)

The Protocol is an evolving tech development comprising Qnode Blockchain & its DeFi Layer on Binance Smart Chain for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance

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